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Latest update:  Feb. 2015

Consult In Motion


Consult In Motion -  Your Partner in Motion Sensors.


Indoor Navigation

Are you limited by GPS not working indoor or just not being accurate?

Consult in Motion is specialised in indoor navigation.

Our solutions will enable you to navigate inside buildings.

Low cost  -  NO gyro-sensors, NO additional hardware cost.

Track your walk, our software solution requires build in motion sensors only.



Electronic Compass

Would you like an accurate compass?

Consult in Motion is specialised in compass calibration.

With our solutions it is possible to achieve navigation grade compass accuracy out of SmartPhone sensors.



Electronic Metering

Why limit yourself to count steps if you can have speed and distance?

Consult in Motion is specialised in motion sensing.

A simple and easy solution for measuring distances. For example also for measuring larger dimensions or buildings. Just walk from point to point and you have the size.


Consult in Motion adds a new dimension to mobile sensors enabling new innovations in your applications.



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